Elf the Musical in London!

Today I’m going to try something I’ve never done before. I am going to write an entire blog post as I go through my day in London. This is something I can now do more easily since I got an iPhone for Christmas!

For Christmas, my mum and dad also arranged a trip into London to see Elf the Musical. London is without a doubt one of my absolute favourite places in the world, so I am always so excited to go there! Oh, and another thing, I am also a huge theatre fan (and Christmas fan) – so basically this trip couldn’t be more perfect!

Elf the Musical is A Theatre Royal Plymouth Production, starring Ben Forster, Kim Walsh, Joe McGann and Jessica Martin. It has music by Matthew Sklar and lyrics by Chad Beguelin. It is based upon the New Line Cinema film written by David Berenbaum.

Buddy the elf, what’s your favourite colour?

I believe this is going to make a great musical and I’m so excited! I am just getting ready now to go and grab a train into London at 12:20 and it will take us about 40 minutes to arrive in Kings Cross Station. Can’t wait to be in London!

It’s now 12:44 and we are on the train, because it was delayed a fair bit. Our plan is to go and wander around Hamleys the famous toy store on Regent Street, which is close to Oxford Street.

It’s 13:50 and we’ve arrived in Oxford Street. We’re going to pop in a few high street shops for potential New Year’s Eve outfits!

Oxford Street

It’s now 14:39 and we’ve just been into Miss Selfridge in Oxford Street. I ended up getting a new dress New Year’s Eve in the sale for £32.50 instead of £65.00. My mum and dad treated me to it! It is a short blue dress with sequins because I think it’s nice to have something special to wear for December 31st.

My New Dress

We’ve come into a small pub called The Argyll Arms and I’ve got a small Diet Coke. It is a really interesting little pub which was originally constructed in 1740. On a little sign outside there is some information about the pubs design. It explains that in around 1895, the designer “remodelled the interior in keeping with the new vogue for privacy, creating snug areas to separate the different social classes.”

The Argyll Arms
Liberty Department Store

We are walking along Regent Street and we just saw the department store called Liberty, which was founded in 1875. This building just looks so beautiful and I wanted you all to see it!

It’s now 16:22 and we are in Hamleys Toy Store! We are looking at all the amazing toys and cuddling all the teddy bears. Hamleys has 5 floors of the most amazing toys and demonstrators to perform to the children.

Cuddly Bear
Piccadilly Circus

It’s now 17:35 and we have come to Garfunkel’s for dinner next to the Dominion Theatre, where we will be going to see the show at 19:30! I’m having my classic – chicken burger with chips and coleslaw (honestly have that every time I eat out!)

Dominion Theatre

It is now 19:30 and it’s time for the show to start!

Elf the Musical!

Wow! The show was absolutely fantastic! It’s now 00:42 and I’m back home. All the performances were wonderful, special mention to Ben Forster who was wonderful as Buddy the Elf! I can only say that he must have been exhausted after all that singing and dancing! Also the sets of the show were incredible. It was also very funny which is just what you need at Christmas. It included so many of the classic gags from the well-known film but it was also different enough to be appreciated in its own way.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen Elf the Musical and what you thought!

Lots of Love,

Laura x


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