Why I Love Once Upon a Time

Hello everyone. Ever since I started watching Once Upon a Time last year I have wanted to write about it. Now I will. It is hard to explain just how much I adore this series. It has become one of my top three programs ever and I don’t ever want it to end. A fairy tale retelling in the real world, with magic and adventure, and all the classic characters that I watched in Disney movies growing up – I mean, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

* Spoilers will follow *

I am currently between episodes 21 and 22 of season 4. The most recent ‘Heroes and Villains’ twist is so brilliant. Basically, the roles have been reversed through Mr Gold’s ambition to finally make villains win. After the heroes release the author from his prison within his own book, Mr Gold seeks him out and makes him rewrite their stories.


It is so much fun to see the characters in opposite roles. Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White, has become an ‘evil queen’ figure and her storyline takes on all the events and heartbreaks as the former evil queen, Regina. Meanwhile, Regina herself (who actually is a hero now anyway) has become a ‘Snow White’ figure, running from the queen, whose life she supposedly ruined. It’s all the same, just completely switched around and it has been done so excellently; plotlines, acting, dialogue, and costumes – the whole thing.

The World of Once Upon a Time

What can I say? Since the first episode I knew I was going to love this show. In season 1, every episode shows the backstory of a different classic fairy tale character. I loved the fact that in the real world, no one knew who they really were. It was so fun to try and guess who was who and it was so exciting when new identities were revealed. I was smiling like an idiot at my laptop screen at the end of the first season when everyone regained their memories. The reunion scene was so fantastic!

Snow and Charming

Emma and Henry 2

Throughout the 4 seasons I have watched, we have travelled across realms and met an abundance of awesome characters! We’ve been in Storybrooke, the Enchanted Forest, Oz, Wonderland and New York. We’ve met passing characters, like Hansel and Gretel, temporarily characters who packed a huge punch, like Anna and Else (that was amazing), and the leading character, who have been at the forefront of every storyline since Emma first set foot in Storybrooke. And let’s not forgot how adorable Henry is – and how crazy it is when you realise how young he is in season 1!

The Character Design and Costumes

I love the design of the world and each of the characters. They are similar enough to the original creations of these fairy tale characters to pay homage to them, but different enough to contain their own spark of originality as characters of Once Upon a Time in their own right. Some just take elements of their classic counterparts and some have twisted storylines so that we are made to empathise with a character we may have traditionally despised. This is why Once Upon a Time is so intriguing to watch, you never know how you’re going to feel about a character until you truly get to know them.


Furthermore, as with any fantasy story, the set design and costume is spectacular. I mean I would love to flounce around a ballroom in a huge ballgown and dance with a handsome prince! I also love how the magical world always looks slightly fake, reminding us to set it apart from the “real world.”

The Misunderstood Villains

If there is one thing I love, it’s a misunderstood villain. They are my favourite type of character and if I can create one successfully in my writing one day, I would consider that mission accomplished. Once Upon a Time is not lacking in this area. Some of the most heart-breaking storylines are about the “villains,” who sometimes turn out to have valid reason behind their malice.

Regina and Robin

Hook and Emma

To name a few, we have Regina the evil queen, Hook, Ursula and Maleficent. Regina is probably the main ‘villain turned hero’ character, because she is a leading character from the start. She changes so much and my housemate who is watching season 1 right now doesn’t get me when I say she is my favourite character. Hook also becomes a main character who we realise isn’t really a villain at all. The love stories of these characters, Regina with Robin Hood and Hook with Emma, are so brilliant and lovely to watch. I just hope they can hold onto their happy endings.

What is to come…

I am hoping to catch up with the rest of the world very soon. Season 5 is being shown weekly right now I will soon be up-to-date! I am excited to see what is in store for all the characters in the fifth season – when Emma becomes the Dark One! Here is the trailer:

Let me know if you have ever watched Once Upon a Time and what you thought about it in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Laura x


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