Allegiant Trailer Reaction

Wooah, wooah, woah. Just hold up there a second. So last night I discovered that an ALLEGIANT TRAILER HAS BEEN RELEASED. I know a lot of fans were somewhat disappointed by Insurgent because it wasn’t completed faithful to the book by Veronica Roth. Admittedly, it was not as good as the Divergent film. But, even so, there is no way I can turn my back on this series. It is one of the stories that got me hooked on the YA world.

Allegiant and Ascendant

The second piece of information that has been released is that they have split the last book into two and GIVEN THE LAST FILM A NEW NAME. I mean, whhhyyy? So now the first instalment is called Allegiant and the second will be called Ascendant. Okay, I like how they have stuck with the theme but I just don’t see why this is necessary.

Anyway…on with the trailer reaction…

QUICK SIDE NOTE: it has been a long time since I read this series and I can’t remember every detail of the plot (I know, I need to re-read them). So, just bear in mind that I may be slightly more forgiving to this trailer than perhaps I would have been if I had just finished reading it.

Carry on…

So we waste an entire 0.47 seconds of this new trailer showing flashbacks of the first two films. Again, whhhyy? We didn’t even see Harry Potter doing this and that series was spread over ten years! I mean, “in 2014…2015…2016,” is that supposed to be dramatic? Just give us what we want to see!


It’s time

Here we see Four, Tris, Christina, Tori, Peter and Caleb. They look the part. The costumes look great and I will always love the casting decisions. They start running off towards the wall of the city, which is very exciting because I am intrigued to see how they portray the outside world in the film. I am concerned that the film is going to have a different opening than the book because of the way they changed Insurgent, but only time will tell.


Okay, I can’t remember how this bit actually plays out in the book, but this shot is pretty damn cool. Not sure I would trust one single grappling hook to carry me all the way up a wall that high, but these Dauntless Divergent folk are crazy.

One thing I always love about books which sometimes is quite the same in film adaptations is the portrayal and development of character. I remember that there were a lot of new characters in Allegiant, for example, Uriah’s brother Amar who he believed to be dead. I just hope they at least try to include the new characters, with as much depth as they have in the books.


There’s no turning back

The chances of anything coming from Mars and a million to one…” Oh sorry? Did we just switch to The War of the Worlds? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging this design decision, I am intrigued to see where they go with it, I just don’t recall the world being red in the books. I kind of like it though, it is very creepy and makes me think “What on earth happened here?” And these characters have never been outside the city so they wouldn’t know any different anyway.


One of the things they have got right is the relationship between Tris and Four. These two are one of my all-time OTP’s. I loved reading about them in the books and so much happens in Allegiant it is sure to get emotional. In a way it might be nice that I don’t remember every detail because the film will have more of an impact. I also much prefer Tris’s hair in this one compared to in Insurgent.


As the trailer picks up the pace towards the end we see a lot of snippy action shots and glimpse more of the earths crimson surface with is, again, pretty creepy. The trailer doesn’t really give much away, but it is exciting! We catch some shots of new characters so I hope they get them right.

Did you like the new trailer? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

I was also super excited to see The 5th Wave trailer because I am loving this series also and I am hoping to find time to discuss that as well! I am also working on a book review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer so watch out for that soon!

Lots of love,

Laura x


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