The Scorch Trials Film Review

Hello everyone! So, on Friday I went to see The Scorch Trails film. I have read the first two books in this trilogy and I must say I did enjoy them, but probably the first one slightly more because the second one got a bit weird towards the end. I would not however say that I love them. I didn’t proceed with The Death Cure.


However, the film was different to the book in a variety of ways and I can’t deny that I really enjoyed it! In fact, yesterday I went and got myself a copy of The Death Cure. I mean, there is no way it beats the likes of Divergent and The Hunger Games, but the films have definitely re sparked my interest in the trilogy.

I also love the idea of The Kill Order. There are so many unanswered questions in this series that it seems like the only way to get some answers would be to read the prequel. James Dashner is now working on a second prequel between the time zones of The Kill Order and The Maze Runner, which is titled The Fever Code.

Cover Image

I have to say the film seemed like it should have been a higher than a 12a. Some of the scenes featuring the cranks – decrepit, diseased humans which are resembles the walkers of Rick’s world, but also move a lot faster – were pretty frightening! There is a moment when one of them jumps out and the feeling of shock lingered in my stomach for about two whole minutes. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoyed the horror aspect. And let’s not forget the insane party scene following the moment Thomas drinks a mysterious, post-apocalyptic blue liquid without question.

The film is very fast paced and exciting, however you could argue that the events overshadowed the development of the characters. This is something I missed from the books. I don’t think those who haven’t read the books will understand Teresa’s betrayal in the least. I still absolutely love the characters of Thomas, Newt and Minho. Oh! And I love Aris, he seemed like he was going to be such a dull addition, but he turned into this really smart kid who has pretty much all the answers.


I couldn’t remember all the details of the story as it had been a while since I read it. But I do know I did not imagine Jorge to be a full grown man and Brenda was a little more tomboyish than I would’ve thought. The characters were different than I expected, but I still really liked them both.

I am excited to get into The Death Cure and find out what happens to Thomas and his friends next. I hope they work on the characters a little more in the next instalment of the franchise. I guess only time will tell.

Have you seen The Scorch Trials? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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