Tanya and Jim got married!

Hello everybody! So, today it is my Nan and Grandad’s 57th wedding anniversary! To celebrate this I decided to bake a dessert to follow our wonderful family roast. I was leaning towards my Tanya Burr book and remembered her delicious apple pie recipe. Since it is a favourite I thought it would be perfect for the occasion!

And I was up for a nice surprise whilst browsing through Instagram – Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman posting wedding photos! Today is a very exciting day for YouTuber fans (of which I am count myself) because it has been revealed on social media that Tanya and Jim got married! Of course, we have known about the engagement for a while but the date of the actual wedding was kept firmly under wraps as well as any details of the big day. The couple enjoyed a gorgeous wedding, away from the world of online videoing, which I think is such a lovely thing. It is so amazing for them to also have shared it with their fans today. I am so happy for them, a wonderful couple who seem to be such lovely people and I truly wish them every happiness!

Tanya and Jim
Tanya and Jim

When I was baking today I decided to personalize my apple pie for my Nan and Grandad for their special day. I used cutters in the shapes of letters and numbers that I got for Christmas a few years back and I think the final pie looked so cute! They were chuffed with it and said it tasted delicious! Everyone had two slices!

Here are some photos of my baking today:














I am thinking of doing some baking tomorrow since it is my Mum and Dad’s anniversary of 30 years!

Let me know if you have any recipe recommendations!

Lots of love,

Laura x


2 thoughts on “Tanya and Jim got married!

    1. AAAH I KNOW RIGHT! I was talking about it all day yesterday and my fam are like eerr who’s Tanya Burr? haha finally, someone to share my excitement!! 🙂 they look so beautiful!


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