Salzburg Diary Entry #3

Good afternoon everybody. It’s almost been a month since I got back from Austria and I’ve realised I haven’t even shared my groups final project video on my blog. If you missed my previous posts, I went to Austria for The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change and it was an amazing three weeks where I met some of the most awesome people.

In week two of the seminar programme we attended presentations from three different visiting scholars who were representing huge global organisations. These were:

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

An organisation working to eliminate poverty and reduce inequalities.

Red Cross Red Crescent

An international humanitarian movement.

Global Voices

An online platform working to project underrepresented voices from around the world. They curate news stories from around the world and publish them on the Global Voices website.

Our team worked with the Global Voices partners with the goal of pitching a final vision to the organisation at the end of the final week. Our task was to pitch an idea for how Global Voices can continue their success by using the media in a fresh and innovative way.

We decided that they could continue using their online news platform, but gather indigenous artwork from around the world in order to represented minority cultures and the current issues they face. Our main argument was that artwork transcends language barriers and that art is a universal language.

The pitch video was my main contribution to the project. I took the lead in designing the concept for the video and writing the script. My team worked together on the editing. I write a poem for the narration, which was initially a lot longer than the final cut, but I was very pleased with what we ended up with.

Hope you enjoy watching it! (We are currently waiting for feedback)…


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