The Final Week of my Internship

GiftsGifts and Card

This morning I sit on my sofa, all cosy in my Bournemouth University hoodie, drinking tea and thinking about the marvellous day I had yesterday. It was a pretty non-stop day, but those are the best kind.

I got my 8.10 train with a tin full up cupcakes for the team at Cancer Research UK, where I have been working over the summer. It was my last day. At 11.30 I did my last presentation about all the work I did and I gave a summary of some other things I’ve learnt.

When I was finished my manager thanked me for my work with some gifts and the most amazing card I’ve ever had whilst the team gave me a round of applause. It is the best card because it is one of those where loads of people write a little message. I have never had a card like that before and it will always remind me of what a good summer I’ve had. I will always be grateful for these wonderful opportunities.

My manager also got me some lovely notebooks and a five year memory book. The idea is that you write a couple of sentences every day for five years. It is very pretty with gold edged pages and I can’t wait to start using it in January next year.

I presented my final bits of research and presented my Blog Content Guide, a document I have left behind for the team to use in the future. I hope it will support any efforts to launch the digital team blog. I am excited to hear about how the project develops from here. I have had a lot of fun working on this project and I’ve learnt so much.

After leaving work for the last time at 4.00, I met my best friend from school who I hadn’t seen in about a year and a half. We had such a good catch up and it was great to hear about everything she is doing. After that I went for dinner with two of my best friends from uni and we always have such a fun time together as well.

As I final note I would like to announce that the 2015 summer interns raised a grand total of £2,087.49 for The Francis Crick Institute! For more information on Cancer Research UK click here.


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