Salzburg Diary Entry #1

Hey guys! So I haven’t posted for three whole weeks because I have been away in Salzburg, Austria. On Sunday I returned from 21 wonderful days as a participant of The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change 2015. Seven other students and I went as representatives of Bournemouth University. It has been the most inspiring and magical experience of my life!

My time in Salzburg flew by, but at the same time everybody there grew so close to each other in such a short time that it felt like we had been there forever. We spent so much time in each other’s company, from morning till night, and went through so many new experiences together. By the end it was very hard to say goodbye to our Salzburg family.

It has been a life-changing experience in many ways and I have learned a lot. I will be writing all about what I have learnt in a later post. But, for now let me tell you all about day 1. Since Salzburg felt like a fairy tale town straight out of a storybook, I thought I would use the traditional format of a diary to describe each day of the trip. And so I present my Salzburg diary entry #1…

Arriving at the Schloss Leopoldskron

Dear Salzburg,

I arrived. Emma and I flew from London, England to Salzburg, Austria in approximately one hour and a half. I got very cold on the flight from the air-con and I was a bundle of crazy emotions, the most dominant of which being nerves and excitement.

When we left the plane we met another fellow student from Bournemouth, Hollie, who I did not know all that well at this point. We hopped into a taxi, throwing all our cases in the back and said…

“Can we go to the Schloss Leopoldskron, danke schön.”

As we arrived at the Schloss I could barely believe where I was. We were finally there. After all the planning and thinking and packing and imagining, there we were. About to spend three weeks dining and studying in a palace and staying in the glorious hotel right next to it.

I have featured the first photo I took when I arrived. After taking our luggage to a small room in the hotel we went outside and looked out at the lake. It was sunny and hot. We were so excited.

We had to leave our luggage because the rooms were not yet ready, so we headed towards the palace for lunch at 12.30. Our first lunch at the Schloss. I remember having some kind of beef stew and nervously chatting to a few of the students.

It was soon time to meet my roommate and go and unpack in our rooms. As I stood in the reception area waiting for a room key, I met a girl from America named Mojan and her roommate, Luli, who were also waiting for their room to be ready.

I could see a girl nearer to the hotel’s front door and I was thinking how much she looked like the photo of my roommate on the website. I was nervous to meet her but I eventually walked over and said…

“Are you Paula?”

At first, Paula was too nervous to talk to me as well. She is from Bratislava in Slovakia. She knew English well, but having not spoken it for a time she was afraid to speak in case she got it wrong. I thought she seemed very sweet and I hoped we would get on well.

Later on in the day we had a welcome session from the faculty. This included an ice breaker that went something like this…

“Hi, my name is Laura Rogers and I’m from Bournemouth University in the UK. Something you may not know about me is I absolutely love reading, if you can’t find me I’m probably reading and I really want to write a book.”

That evening we had our first experience of a Schloss dinner at the palace. This came with our first of many bowls of after dinner ice cream. That evening I sat with Emma and Hollie and chatted with two lovely Argentinians girls, Jousy and Martu!

Later I went with Lauren, a girl I met from America, to the beer cellar in the palace (known to all as the bierstube). I drank Stiegl, the local Salzburg beer, and chatted and danced with another American girl called Catherine and two guys from Mexico, Alexis and Carlos.


It was a crazy whirlwind of a day that ended in a late night party in a palace cellar! And the adventure had only just begun.

Lots of love,

Laura x


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