An Abundance of Katherines Book Review

I mean John Green can write, can’t he? Yes. The answer is yes. He can write crazily well. Every time I read another one of his books I remember how amazing they are. All the amazing-ness of The Fault in our Stars, Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns comes back and I just bask in all the John Green amazing-ness. I think I’ve said amazing enough times now. Amazing.

So, An Abundance of Katherines is an adorable little story about teenagers and love. But, it is about other things too (as you can expect from a John Green novel). He ties up all his little metaphors and philosophy of life into the world of the characters and by the end you always find yourself thinking “Yeah, that makes so much sense.”

Calling us sneaksters

I love John Greens writing style so much. His novels – even when they are serious – always contained humour. I mean you can’t not love a writer whose author’s notes starts with…

The footnotes of the novel you just read (unless you haven’t finished reading it and are skipping ahead, in which case you should go back and read everything in order and not try to find out what happens, you sneaky little sneakster)…” – John Green, author’s note, p. 215

He has a brilliant mind and I have fallen in love which each and every one of his novels. Even cute, quirky little bits like the “…”s on page 206. At first I didn’t realise but they weren’t actually signifying the characters sitting in silence, they were actually signifying them kissing! And when I realised I just had to laugh and smile.

Colin’s world

Like the scrapbook pages in Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson, this book offers a little something extra. In this book we get additional (and 100% hilarious) footnotes at the bottom of the pages. Colin is (or was) a child prodigy. Just like Miles Halter is searching for “The Great Perhaps” (Looking for Alaska), Colin Singleton is searching for a way to matter. He wants to leave his mark on this world more than anything and this book is mainly about the realisation that maybe just being here is enough.

SunsetThere are a couple of quotes towards the end that I just love. The two that I remembered to pick out are…

And the moral of the story is that you don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened” – p. 205-205

Even if it’s a dumb story, telling it changes other people just the slightly little bit, just as living the story changes me. An infinitesimal change. And that infinitesimal change ripples outward – ever smaller but everlasting. I will get forgotten, but the stories will last. And so we all matter – maybe less than a lot, but always more than none” – p. 211

This quote really makes me think. It makes me realise how each of our actions can change who we are and it can also change those around us. Even the tiniest amount, but it is still a change. I love the journey’s John Green takes his characters on, the things they learn and the ways they change, as it makes for such an engaging and wonderful story.


So much happens in this story over a fairly short space of time in a small town named Gutshot. We meet Colin, Hassan, Lindsay, Hollis, The Other Colin a.k.a TOC and an abundance of Katherines. I love the stories of friendships and relationship we get to see played out and, in the end, each of the characters end up where they should be. In a car beside their best friends, just driving and waiting to see what the future will hold.

I can’t wait to see if they turn this one into a film. Let me know your comments below.

Lots of love,

Laura x


6 thoughts on “An Abundance of Katherines Book Review

  1. Hi, Laura! I enjoyed reading your excellent review. What’s your favorite John Green book and/or which one would you recommend I try first? I’m reluctant to read Fault in our Stars because I’m a wimp when it comes to really sad stories.

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much, so pleased you enjoyed it 🙂 aw definitely steer clear of The Fault in our Stars then! I would recommend Paper Towns or indeed An Abundance of Katherines as these are probably the most light hearted but the storylines are still emotional in other ways 🙂 enjoy!

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  2. I love this book so much! It has a different vibe than John Green’s other books (it’s more lighthearted) and its LOL hilarious. I’m so glad you liked it!

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