Cancer Research UK Digital Internship Days 13-15




Cupcake 1

Cupcake 2

Cupcake 3

Cupcake 4




Sculpture 2

Hey guys! This week was my final three days at my internship before I go to Salzburg on Monday. I am going to miss being there, but it’s nice to think I still have four weeks when I get back.

Each day I find myself getting more and more into my project. This week I arranged three one to one meetings with different members of the department. I was quite nervous before each one because I didn’t want it to look like I didn’t know what I was talking about. The CRUK employees are all so good at what they do. They are all so friendly and I gathered so much valuable advice to help me with my work. I think if I keep pushing myself to get more involved I will get better at it and gain more confidence in myself.

I am trying to run a little project while I am away but I need to encourage people to get involved. It will only take up a little bit of time each week, I just don’t want to abandon my project completely!

I have included some pictures (see above) of the stunning reception area of the office and the little seating area where I held my meetings. Also, me and my friend (who is also a digital intern) decided that we would treat ourselves to a farewell cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery! It isn’t actually the end end, but we saw an excuse to buy a delicious cake, so why not? My friend got a slice of the rainbow cake, which was huge and not inexpensive! I got an amazing Nutella cupcake, which came in the most adorable little box and had Nutella in the centre!

After work on Wednesday I went to meet up with my friend in Waterloo. I spotted two of the DNA sculptures from the London Art Trail which are the first ones I’ve found! I am entering a competition to design a final sculpture. The winner gets to attend a workshop to see it being made and then the final sculpture is displayed in our office building. I guess it’s a long shot – but worth a try! Me and my friend had a Pret A Manger and a good old catch up, it was so lovely to see one of my best friends from uni.

Soon I will be posting a book review of The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks so look out for that! Have a great day!

Lots of love,

Laura x


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