Cancer Research UK Digital Internship Days 7-9

Day 8

Day 8a

Hey guys! I have finished another week’s worth of my internship in the digital department at Cancer Research UK, so I thought I would share my latest snaps. Once again I have learnt so much and I’m having a fantastic time.

On Monday morning I took part in a volunteering activity. This summer there is a fundraising art trail across London to support the completion of the construction of The Francis Crick Institute, a brand new biomedical research facility. The trail features 21 DNA sculptures, which have each been individually designed. To support the teams who have worked so hard on this project, several of the other interns and I handed out maps of the trail to all the CRUK employees. I have pictured some of my favourite of the sculptures below. Click here to read more about the trail!

Day 7

My fellow intern and I have been learning more about everyone’s roles in the various teams. I am gaining such a good insight into how the team works together. We are also learning more about the weekly tasks carried out in the digital department.

One other thing I just have to mention about this week is the heat! I mean look at the blue sky in my photos, it’s insane! When I walked out the angel building it felt like a different country. It was like when you walk out of an air-conned hotel in Spain! So amazing!

I highly recommend the CRUK internship programme to anyone looking for valuable work experience. There is such a wide variety of departments so there is something to suit everyone. It is also a chance to find out what it is like to work in busy London and see if it’s your thing. So far, I like it!

I hope you enjoy my posts about my internship and are having a wonderful day, only one more day until the weekend!

Lots of love,

Laura x


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