Baking Days – Bread and Butter Pudding

Hey guys! I have decided I really want to try and bake something – cake, cookies, pudding or dessert – once a week. Yesterday I thought I would make my mum’s favourite pudding, since I made my dad’s favourite the week before for Father’s Day.

I chose this recipe from BBC Food (click here to read it and get into some baking of your own!)

I have to say it was slightly more successful than my sticky toffee pudding. It baked properly in the time and it tasted sweet and had a nice golden crunch. My sticky toffee pudding tasted great too but it did have a few baking issues if you read my previous baking post. I am hoping to get much better at baking and I might even continue when I go back to uni, since there is only going to be four of us in the house this year so the kitchen may be a bit cleaner (here’s hoping!)

Here’s how it went…

Bread 1
Remove the crusts
Bread 2
Butter the slices on one side
Bread 3
Cut diagonally into triangles
Bread 4
Build the first layer
Bread 5
Build the second layer
Bread 7
Close up!
Bread 8
Heat and milk and cream
Bread 9
Mix the sugar and eggs
Bread 9
Strain the custard
Bread 10
Pour the mixture over the bread
Bread 11
Leave for 30 minutes
Bread 12
Bread 13
The top should be golden brown
Bread 14
Close up no. 2!
Bread 15
The finished result
Bread 16

My family ate up their bowl full and we even managed to finish the rest, definitely a success and a lovely end to our BBQ!

Next week I really want to bake Tanya Burr’s chocolate cookies. Tanya is one of my favourite youtubers and I have seen her and Zoe bake her cookies on several occasions and they always look amazing. I really want to get her book Love, Tanya which contains all of her recipes!

Anyway, until then, enjoy the pics and comment with any recipe recommedations.

Lots of love,

Laura x


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