Becoming a Disney Princess for the day

Hey guys! I am so excited because this Saturday is the summer ball for my uni. It is my second time going as I have just finished second year. As I am quite proud of what I came up with I have decided to share my costume with you all. I have always thought of being a Disney princess and when I was thinking of who I could be I eventually came up with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She is also a lover of books like me, has brown hair and is a determined and strong character that I really like. I didn’t think the gold ball gown look was really going to work for a music festival party so I decided I would recreate her blue dress look…

The Hair


For the hair I am obviously going to curl it and maybe clip it half up and half down. Then I went in search of some cute little roses to put in it because roses are often associated with Beauty and the Beast. In New Look I found some pretty little pink ones and in Claire’s I found some red ones, so I got both. They all have a swirly metal bit which you twizzle to secure the roses into the hair. For the finishing touch I got Belle’s big blue bow as well, which I ordered from Amazon.

Pink Roses – New Look – £4.99 – click here

Red Roses – Claire’s Accessories – £4.00 – click here

Blue Bow – Amazon – £4.99 – click here

The Dress and Apron


Dress 2

For the dress I searched through a few different option on Boohoo and eventually this lovely cobalt blue dress with bare shoulders and a skater skirt. I really like it and the colour is so rich and vibrant (totally Disney!) I also ordered Belle’s little white apron from Amazon which I think completes the look of the dress.

Blue Dress – Boohoo – £15.00 – click here

Apron – Amazon – £5.99 – click here

The Red Rose

Red Flower

Okay so I know Belle doesn’t actually have a red rose when she is in the blue dress but I just think it is so iconic to Beauty and the Beast so I had to include it. I got a big artificial red rose and it is rather beautiful and I love it!

Red Rose – Amazon – £3.50 – click here


And there you have it. So if you are ever in need of a Belle costume here are some good ideas for you. I will post some photos of me wearing it all on the day and some from the actual event so look out for that. I hope enjoyed this post and are having a lovely day!

Lots of love,

Laura x


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