Travelling, celebrating and beach walking


Hey guys! So last week I had finished all my work for my second year of uni but my housemates and I didn’t really want to be spending loooads of money so we were just sort of hanging around the house. I had remembered my sister was planning a night out in Milton Keynes to celebrate her 22nd birthday and when I mentioned coming home for the weekend she was so excited! I would get to see my family and celebrate with my sister and her friends. As an added bonus there was a spare seat in the taxi for my other best friend to join us and she was coincidentally moving home from her uni town on that very day. I was very excited and couldn’t wait to see everyone.

I travelled home last Thursday. I know a lot of people complain about trains and travelling but I actually love it! I can easily just spend hours day dreaming and watching the world pass by on the other side of the train window. I equally enjoy reading on the train or writing new posts on my kindle. I also love going through London because it is such an exciting place and I enjoy any chance I get to see it.

When I arrived home my sister greeted me at the station and cooked me dinner at home which was so delicious I can tell you. Weeks of “uni food” can be a bit of a bore. We had pesto and mozzarella salmon, white rice and salad. You can always trust my sister to cook up something nice and healthy.

We went shopping on Saturday during the day and I got a new outfit for the night. We also picked up some snacks and sweets to offer the guests, like tortilla crisps and haribos (proper party food!) My mum also went out and got my sister a late chocolate birthday cake which was so cute (and also delicious!)


Top – River Island – £12 – click here

Midi Skirt – River Island – £25 – click here


I had such an amazing weekend with my family, catching up, watching our favourite TV shows and celebrating my sister’s birthday. She has actually visited me in Bournemouth on her actual birthday, so this weekend was for her to celebrate with her friends as well. It was also lovely to catch up with my best friend. I feel so lucky to have such amazing people in my life who I love so much!

Today I travelling back to uni for my final few days before I move home for the summer. I decided to walk into town from the station and got the final few bits for my summer ball costume (post on that coming soon). I also had a quick mocha in Costa which is one of my favourite hot drinks. Then I walked all the way along the beach from Bournemouth pier to Boscombe pier because I was meeting my housemates for next year for dinner. It was such a lovely walk and I have included some photos for you. I also had a nice meal and catch up with my friends.


Beach Huts 1

Awesome Bournemouth Cath Kidson beach huts!

Beach Huts 2

Beach Huts 3




Now it is just a few days to chill and work on my blog and then the summer ball, which I am so excited for! Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments.

Lots of love,

Laura x


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