Bad Blood Music Video

Hey guys! I am back on my blog after a very exciting few weeks. I have been having such a great time during my final few months at uni for the end of second year. I will tell you more about what has been going on in my life in my updates post which I am currently working on. For today, however, I really just can’t let the day pass without talking about this…

Taylor Swift is my all-time favourite musician and artist. I love all her music from her country days to her more recent pop style. She is such a talented song-writer and performer and a lovely person!

I absolutely adore her latest album, 1989, which was released in October 2014. I’m sure it will always remind me of my second year of uni, much like her Red album reminds me of my first year because I went to see the Red Tour at London’s O2 in February 2014.

So, anyway, Taylor’s new music video for Bad Blood (which is one of my favourite songs from 1989) premiered last night during the Billboard Music Awards. I was so excited to watch it today after seeing so much about it on Taylor’s Instagram. It looked like it was going to be so cool and (guess what?) it is!

Taylor Swift Music Video 1

I mean this video is like a sci-fi, futuristic, kick-ass, action-adventure movie. You could totally make a movie out of the concept of this music video. It is feisty, dramatic and packed with girl power! The cast of the video, which Taylor teased so much over social media, is so impressive. I think Cara Delevingne (soon to be Margo in Paper Towns) is amazing in it, as it Hailee Steinfeld (who I remember from the film True Grit).

Taylor Swift Music Video 2

I think it is so awesome that all the people in the video have been given character names. I also love the storyline of a fierce betrayal between the heroine, Catastrophe (Taylor), and her nemesis, Arsyn (Selena Gomez).

The rapping from Kendrick Lamar I think I need some time to get used too. I think it is an interesting addition to the track but I do love the verses sung by Taylor which are not heard in the video. I love the beat though and the rap does fit in well with the style of the piece.

Taylor Swift Music Video 3

On the whole, I think this video is so awesome and you should all definitely check it out! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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