Top Healthy Snacks

As you will notice if you happen to visit my blog anytime soon, I have decided to add a lifestyle aspect to my content. The main focus of my blog is still books – because they are just the most wonderful thing in the world – but if I feel like posting something about life in general, student life, fashion or food, then I don’t see why that can’t be added as an extra angle on my site.

So, to start this exciting new part of my blog, I thought I would discuss my top healthy snacks which I tend to go for as a university student.

As a student it can be hard, as I’m sure some of you may know, to remain healthy and maintain a consistently balanced diet. I have been a lot healthier in second year than I was in first year, but I have been a member of the gym both years. I think I genuinely feel happier when I am active and eating healthily – at least most of the time (you have to treat yourself sometimes, especially in exam period!)

It is quite hard to get through a day by sticking to three mealtimes and snacks are a great way to keep up your energy throughout your daily activities. My top snacks are delicious and nutritious, so enjoy! They go in no particular order:

5. Nakd Bars by Natural Balance Foods

Nakd Bars

I discovered these a few months ago just by picking one up in our student shop. They are made out of raw fruits and nuts and they come in so many wonderful flavours including: Bakewell Tart, Rhubarb & Custard, Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Orange, Pecan Pie and Ginger Bread. My personal favourite by far, however, is the Café Mocha one. Yes, I have been through a few of those during my afternoons studying in the library.

The flavours are strong and they are a decent size. The only down side is that they are kind of expensive for what they are. At our student shop they are priced at something like 89p per bar. At Asda you can get them in packs of three for £1.47 which isn’t too bad, but at Sainsbury’s they are £2.50 for the same size pack! It just depends whether you like them enough the buy them often and whether you want to spend that much just for a little snack.

4. Snack A Jacks or Chocolate Rice Cakes

Snack A Jacks

Rice cakes might sound a bit strange and perhaps not that appetizing, but they are actually a light and satisfying snack.

Snack A Jacks come in a variety of flavours including: Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Chive, Caramel, Choc Chip, Sweet Chilli and Cheese. I tend to buy them in packs of four individual bags of mini Snack A Jacks, that and sandwich being my lunch. You can also buy them as big rice cakes, which come in a pack of about 10-14 or so, then you can have one here and there throughout the day.

If you don’t get on with Snack A Jacks you can try chocolate rice cakes, which I think are sort of like big chocolate digestives but with a lighter and softer crackery texture. You can get supermarket branded ones as well as ones from brands such as Metcalfe’s and Kallo. They generally come with either milk chocolate or dark chocolate toppings but both are tasty.

These products can sometimes be expensive. From my experience I know that Asda changes the price of them quite frequently and they are often on offer.

3. Muller


Muller is a fantastic yoghurt brand which offers many healthy snacking options. I particularly like Muller Light Lemon and I am going to try some Muller Rice too. Don’t have too much to say about this one, just anything Muller is good and very yummy.

2. Veg & Dip


Now I’m sure you’ve all got hectic lives and maybe this is the less appealing option as it actually requires preparation, but it is arguably the healthiest on the list (maybe minus the dip). Cut up veg into batons and dip into whatever accompaniment you want, I tend to go for a sour cream dip or hummus (mashed chick peas) is especially nice.

Try raw carrot, cucumber, celery, pepper – obviously it would be a lot healthier if you didn’t have to dip, but as long as you don’t eat the whole tub I’m sure it’s fine. I usually spoon some out into a bowl next to the veg.

This will count towards your five a day which is always good. As summer is coming up it works well as a nice crisp, refreshing snack to have out in the sunshine – oh, take your book as well!

1. Fruit


Again, part of your five a day. And, again, nice for the summer. It goes as no shock that in terms of healthy snacking, you can’t ignore fruit. And why would you want to? If you take the time to prepare it nicely, have the right amount and eat it when it’s at its ripest, it really is such a delightful snack. Try anything you want, my personal favourite are apples, bananas, pineapple, strawberries and grapes – and maybe every now and then melt some cheeky chocolate and have a dip, well you only live once.

So there you have it. As a student living away from home you learn to seek out snacks or else go hungry and it is good to keep your brain awake for all the studying. But it doesn’t mean we have to be unhealthy and these five snacks are some of my favourite for keeping fuelled and fit.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this new aspect of my blog and if there is anything else you want me to talk about.


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