Paper Towns Trailer

Film: Paper Towns

Directed by: Jake Schreier

Release date: 24/07/2015

Starring: Nat Wolff, Cara Delevigne, Halston Sage, Austin Abrams, Justice Smith, Caitlin Carver

Adapted from: Paper Towns by John Green (2008)

Even though I actually started writing this post on the day that the trailer was released, it is now the day after release day as I started writing this at 23:45. I was very pleased when I woke up today to discover that the first Paper Towns trailer has been released! I am a big fan of John Green and I absolutely love the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars which was released last year. I am excited enough that a poster for the Paper Towns film was recently released so this is super exciting!

What is the book/film about?

Paper Towns is about a teenager called Quentin “Q” Jacobsen who has grown apart from his childhood friend and neighbour, Margo Roth Spiegelman. It seems like she has no time for him anymore, but he is in love with her, and one night she arrives at his bedroom window. She takes him along on her revenge quest against the people who have wronged her which includes her high school friends and ex-boyfriend. Q has one of the best nights of his life as he is dragged around the city by Margo. But, then she disappears, leaving Q with a broken heart and only the few clues that Margo leaves behind.

My thoughts on the book

I don’t think John Green can write a bad book. He knows how to speak to a young adult audience and he creates the most beautiful stories.

I think one of the best things about Green’s writing is his characters. They are always so relatable and so real. I think this is why his books translate so well to film, because they provide a perfect source material and the characters literally walk straight off the page.

I absolutely love Q. He is so adorably in love with Margo and she is one of those eccentric, popular-but-doesn’t-really-care, wants-to-travel-the-world-and-not-get-too-attached-to-people, type person. I don’t find her all that relatable, although I do think there is a part of us that sometimes would love to just run away, but I think that is what makes her character so mysterious and exciting. I think Q is such a realistic character. He’s a guy whose life revolves around a girl and I love how dedicated he becomes to finding her.

Road Trip

I love the storyline of this book, the mystery is such a fun journey. As a reader, you can really feel the characters’ frustration because it is clear how much they want to solve the mystery of Margo, particularly Q. I just love all the different bits that happen in the story: the revenge quest, the clues, the subdivisions, and especially the road trip. The scenes where the group plan the exact timings of when to jump out and get gas and food so it will have the least impact on their driving time is so comically perfect and makes me love the characters even more.

My thoughts on the first trailer

The film looks like an incredible adaptation, it looks exactly how I imagined it when I read it.

The opening shot shows a small, picturesque town in the foreground and the skyscrapers of the city in the background. This reflects the setting of the book so accurately because you have this little “paper town” that Margo so wants to escape and the skyscrapers in the distance, where Margo actually takes Q in the story.

“The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. My miracle was I wound up living across the street from Margo Roth Spiegelman” – Nat Wolff as Q in trailer voiceover.

We should all just take a moment to appreciate the adorableness of Nat Wolff. I also really like him as Rusty in Stuck in Love (2012) and, of course, as Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars (2014). I think he is perfect for the role of Q.

The scene where Margo turns up at Q’s window looks exactly how I pictured it would be. Margo acting with a kind of reckless confidence and Q taken completely off-guard.

I haven’t seen Cara Delevigne in anything else before but it looks like she has done a good job as Margo. I think she definitely has that aura of mystery and you get the impression that she is someone who does whatever she wants regardless of the consequences. These are key things about the character that I really hoped would come through in the acting performance.

I think the revenge plot scenes look like they are going to be a lot of fun which is good because I think it is meant to be a really exciting and event-filled night for both characters.

“It’s a paper town, paper houses and paper people, everything’s uglier up close” – Cara Delevigne as Margo in trailer.

Green crams so many beautiful metaphors and messages into his books. I really hope they all come across in the film and I am really happy they decided to include the scene at the top of the skyscraper building.

It looks like all the little clues that Margo leaves behind have been included which is really exciting. The trailer shows that she leaves a poster in her bedroom window and that she also leaves a note hidden within the doorframe. I really enjoyed the mystery part of the books, following Q’s journey, and I think that this has the potential to be really good in the film too.

We don’t really see much of the friends in this trailer but I like how much you find out about his friends sides of the story in the book so I hope that does make it into the film.

But overall I think this looks like such an amazing adaptation and I am very excited to see it, I think it will be the perfect summer film!


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